Our aim

The Group’s aim is to develop a regional water resources strategy which will contain a range of options to find the best long term solutions for customers and the environment in the south east of England. This strategy, and the options explored within it – which will be based on an objective set of company data and assumptions – will form the ‘building blocks’ of the individual water companies’ next set of water resources management plans (years one to five) and their preferred option strategy (years six to 25).

The Group will consider all possible proposals, including those to share existing or future resources through increased or improved interconnection within or between water company resource zones. Further options, such as demand management, raw water trading or other cross-boundary solutions, are also being explored.

In order for the Group’s work to proceed smoothly and result in options which companies can easily compare and use directly in their Water Resource Management and Business Plans, the project will be conducted with reference to those Business Plans, and will conform with the existing water resource planning guideline and supporting methodologies, with particular reference to balancing supply and demand economically.

Our focus is on identifying ways of maintaining secure supplies to customers in the most sustainable way possible. Through communication with stakeholders and wider groups, we hope to ensure all relevant issues are taken into account and that we can deliver an effective strategy that will ensure a resilient water supply for future generations at a reasonable cost and with minimum impact on the environment.

Please read this document for a fuller introduction to the work of the WRSE, and its aims and objectives.